Why We Are Different

At Nadero, we strive to provide all clients with the high standard of professional services they expect and deserve. We take great pride in building long lasting relationships with our clients by understanding the needs and objectives of each individually. To us, you are more than a client; you are an integral part of our success.

Whereas many of the more prominent wealth management companies and those that are part of much larger financial organizations have limitations placed on them as to which financial products or investments they can choose from, as an independent company, at Nadero, we can select from the entire market,, choosing the products and investments that serve our clients best. We do not have to consider buying in-house or tied products as we do not have any, and do not have to look for products that generate the most commission for us.

It is a core element of our fiduciary obligations that we do what is in the best interests of our clients. By remaining independent, we avoid conflicts of interest and remain entirely objective when handling the financial affairs of our clients.

Our Philosophy

Honesty, Ability, Determination. These words form the basis of everything we stand for at Nadero and everything we build our business on.


Honesty is transparency of communication. Ensuring the client is fully aware of what we are doing on their behalf and why we are taking that particular course of action. Even with the best preparation and intentions, life does not always go according to plan. While managing risk is a key component of our investment process, when things do not work out precisely as they should, it is important to be frank with clients and explain why, along with having plans in place to get back on track. A collaborative dialogue ensures we all stay on the same page.


While we are proud of our history and the returns we generate, we do not rest on our laurels. There is always room for improvement across all aspects of our business, and we regularly meet to assess what we can do better and discuss how we can improve. One way to enhance the service we provide is by employing top-quality staff, led by our experienced and capable senior management team. Our staff are our most valuable asset, and by enabling them to develop individually as well as adding quality, experience, and diversity of knowledge to the talent pool, we continuously improve.


Managing wealth is a long game. Our processes and strategies were created and have been refined over time, according to the changing needs of our clients. Over the course of decades of collective experience, we have learned to welcome new challenges and appreciate that only with thorough research, continuous improvement and unfaltering determination will we continue to deliver the quality of results we aim to maintain.