Other Matters to Consider

Risk Management at Nadero

Risk is a part of life that none of us can avoid entirely. What we can do is put measures in place to offset potential risks and ensure clients are protected from market downturns and other potentially damaging events.

Risk management is a central focus of Nadero. We have internal risk management tools in place that help steer our clients’ investments as we continuously assess risk in an attempt to optimize returns and protect existing wealth. Our risk review considers real estate, critical illness, medical insurance, asset protection, survivorship protection, and life insurance.

Insurance Review

One of the significant differences with Nadero is that we provide advice on insurance needs, but do not market insurance products ourselves. Instead, we will work with third-party brokers to source the best quotes for the coverage you need. We will then provide you with our suggestions so that you will receive objective advice at all times.

Some advisers sell insurance coverage as a principal or secondary revenue stream. This can create conflicts of interest with some advisers occasionally recommending products that pay them the highest commission or otherwise earn them the most money. This is the reason why, at Nadero, we only advise, and do not sell insurance, and is in line with our fiduciary charter.

Tax Reduction

Whether you are offloading long-held investments, retiring from your business, or aiming to reduce inheritance or estate taxes, Nadero can help plan and implement a way to reduce taxes to the minimum. We will help you focus on the most critical financial issues and show you how taxes can be reduced. We liaise with your tax advisers and offer a single point of contact for your taxation needs.

Executive Benefits

Employer benefits can make up a substantial element of corporate executives’ net worth and financial well-being. A well-thought-out approach to financial, tax, and estate planning provides multiple advantages for both the company and the executive. Most significantly, a robust plan is a way of helping the executive understand and make the most of the benefits that the company is offering. Effective planning increases morale, strengthens the executive’s viewpoint about the value of their position, and confirms to the company that the executive is gaining the most out of the available benefits. Also, a more financially satisfied executive is more likely to concentrate on work without being distracted by dealing with personal financial issues. The net result is a more productive and driven executive.

Educational Planning

Nadero education planning services are a key element in the overall financial planning process for those with children or grandchildren. Tax efficient planning, where possible, is a useful way to save and plan for future education expenses which can be considerable and place a heavy burden on those who are unprepared.